A Word from the Editorial Team 1

The KEGS Economics Journal 2013-14 is a compilation of the best economics essays and articles from within KEGS. We endeavour to set a high standard of school produced economics publications, and put KEGS ‘on the map’ in terms of smart thinking, problem solving and analysis of the real world, addressing relevant issues of the current age, from scarce resource allocation to monetary base expansion. This year’s EJ promises to encompass a vast array of economics topics, showing how integrated different types of economics is with daily life. We hope you enjoy this edition of the EJ and we hope that this will start and spark a whole new generation of high quality economics publications at KEGS.


Editorial Team:

Rupesh Parikh

Oliver Hoy

Will Luckin

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  1. Reply Mr T Carter Feb 5, 2014 1:52 pm

    Well done – very well put together. Excellent that you’re thinking so carefully about such issues.

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