Youth Unemployment

Aniket Chitre

Youths are those aged between 15 and 24 and there are currently over 1 billion youths in the world. 85% of youths can be found in LEDC’s (Less Economically Developed Countries) and developing countries. The global population is rising and so is youth unemployment. ¬†Currently there are said to be over 75 million unemployed youths.¬†Africa is the continent with the highest youth unemployment. Did you know that youths are 3 times less likely to be employed than those older than them. Youth unemployment is a serious problem and more youth unemployment is likely to result in more crime and radical politics.

Youth Unemployment has been a concern of the UN (United Nations) for a long time and major organisations such as YEN (Youth Employment Network) have been set up to sort out Youth Unemployment (YU). YU is being tackled, by YEN, by prioritising youth employment in political and social schemes.

I strongly believe that all governments should try to build free educational facilities (schools) for everyone and train more teachers. Free schools make education accessible to everyone, and teachers are needed at schools. Also better trained teachers means the students receive a better education. I believe that education is the key to a better society (without YU) and although it may be very expensive to build and set up free schools during bad economic times, it is a great investment for a more sustainable future.

In lots of countries youths are leaving school early, and statistics have proven that those that leave school early are much less likely to get a job. I would like to see it being made a law, and being made compulsory that students study till at least 16. This way they have a better base. I would also like to see more apprenticeships being made available to youths and suggest that recruitment days are set up for older pupils in schools. What I mean by a recruitment day is where employers from local trades and businesses go into schools and look for potential employees.

A rapidly growing population in places such as India, is hindering the YU rate going down. I urge that governments try to slow down population growth rates. One simple way to do this would be to teach young adults more about contraception. If there are fewer people to be employed there is going to be unemployment.

What I’ve said so far is on a rather pessimistic note, however I do believe that there is a strong potential for developing countries to harness the power of their young population in order to grow a strong economy.

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